Building A Dog House - The Essential Guide

Many people buy the dog houses but you can also build it. The plans are very easy to find and you can make the house in just a day. There are a few things you need to know and this article will give you all the information you need.

Pre-construction Tips

In determining the style of the house, it is important to figure out all the aspects and do the research. If you build a house that your dog won’t use, then it was a waste of your time and energy.

Construction Tips:

  • 1. Consider the size of the house carefully. Make sure it is not too big and not too small. If you have two dogs you may want to make a duplex for both dogs. The duplex needs to have a removable wall if the dogs want to snuggle.
  • 2. No matter what the size and shape the house is, also build an overhanging roof. This will protect the dog from the heavy rain and hard winds.
  • 3. Measure the dog before you go out and buy materials. It may sound a bit silly to you but you don’t want the dog to feel claustrophobic inside the house and not use it.
  • 4. Do the floor like a little slope sliding towards the entrance. In this way, the water gets out and the dog is safe.
  • 5. Put the dog house in a cool area of your yard. Maybe under a tree, to shield it from the sun light.
  • 6. If you are not much of a carpenter, choose a simple house design without complications. But if you are good with wood, do something more complicated.
  • 7. The best dog house plan should either include a partial wall or be large enough that you can add a partial wall. This is so that the dog can escape the elements as necessary.
  • 8. Does the plan you're evaluating have a hinged roof? If not, would it be easy to add hinges? This is important because it makes for easy cleaning. You see, when you clean your dog, you should make sure you also clean the dog house and bedding.

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